Humane Society, Oakland County team up to investigate animal cruelty

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The Michigan Humane Society and Oakland County are partnering to fight animal cruelty and neglect to save more animals. 

"You look at our presence in Wayne County we have high involvement in the realm of enforcement of state laws and local ordinances, we didn't have any activity," said Patrick Fanning, Road 

But animal abuse and neglect cases rose Oakland County with 44 abuse, cruelty and neglect investigations documented, but in those cases in 2018 and seven of those resulted in charges.

So The Michigan Humane Society and Oakland County realized that working more closely together would result in a powerful resource to cut down on abuse and create better conditions for animals.

"We have 144 years in animal welfare, our staff, every investigator is nationally certified as a cruelty investigator, we have equine investigators on our staff, and we're excited to bring this to Oakland County," Fanning said.

"(It is) more of an aggressive effort toward enforcing the laws so we can speak for the animals that can't speak for themselves," said Bob Gatt, manager, Oakland County Animal Shelter  

This partnership also prevents a depletion of resources as the Oakland County Sheriff's Office, Animal Control Shelter and Humane Society work to combine efforts. 

"You're looking at a massive drain on resources so this partnership will allow us to make a phone call and we will have those resources available," Fanning said.

Officials say this partnership has the most impact when community members speak up 

"If you see something, say something," said Gatt. "We will investigate any allegation of animal abuse in any area we patrol as will the sheriff's department and Humane Society."

To learn more about reporting animal abuse and neglect in Oakland County 

Residents of Oakland County can report suspected mistreatment of animals to either the county animal control division or the sheriff's office. Both can be reached by calling (248)-858-1090. 

If you need to make call outside of regular business hours, contact your local law enforcement agency for assistance. 
Humane society investigators can be contacted by calling (313)-872-3401.