Hundreds gather to remember local Lebanon terror attack victims

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Friday's Paris attacks came a day after twin suicide bombings killed at least 43 people in Lebanon.

More than 180 others were hurt and among the dead, three people from metro Detroit.

A vigil was held in Dearborn Friday at the Islamic Center of America where Muslims were adamant that those responsible for the attacks in Lebanon and France have no part in their religion.

Hundreds came to remember Leila Talen who had Detroit ties and died in the bombing along with her husband Hussein Moustapha

"She's a very nice woman, she didn't deserve to die like this," said Mohammed Taleb, her nephew. "She basically raised me, every time I went down to Lebanon, she

Ayah Taleb is Leila's niece

"I was there during the summer," she said. "(I've gone) there for quite a while. And all I can remember is her beautiful smile and her husband's laugh."

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack that killed more than 40 people and injured more than 200 others including Leila.

Hussein's 3-year-old son Haider was in the car with them when during the explosion. Ayah says Leila shielded her son when it happened and that may have saved his life.

"He knows it was a bomb," Ayah said. "We asked him where were his parents, he said in the car. He said there was a bombing and that he saw his mom burn to death and I saw my dad bleed to death."

As people mourned Leila and Hussein's death Friday night, the body count from another terrorist attack that took place hours before continued to rise.

Terrorists slaughtered more than 150 people in Paris in a number of simultaneous, well-coordinated attacks and while it's not entirely clear exactly who was behind the plot, many around the globe and here in Dearborn believe it was ISIS.

"These people who call themselves Muslim, they are not Muslim people," said one man. "In Islam, we are against killing and we are against any terrorist act."

"I am a Shia Muslim," said Ayah. "And I lost two beautiful souls to these disgusting people that have nothing to do with us."

And something we heard over and over tonight is that Washington D.C. should put boots on the ground and deal with ISIS once and for all

Earlier today President Barack Obama says current U.S. strategy has contained the terror group but has not yet decapitated it's leadership.