Hutch's Jewelry murder: Attorney, hitman sentenced to life in prison in death of Oak Park jeweler

Two suspects convicted in the murder of popular jeweler Dan ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson learned their sentences Wednesday.

Marco Bisbikis and Roy Larry were both convicted of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, solicitation of murder, and felony firearm last month. Now they'll both spend the rest of their lives in prison for Hutchinson's murder.

In court on Wednesday, Bisbikis asked for an adjournment – saying he didn't have enough time to review an issue of restitution – but Judge Nanci Grant did not allow it.

Bisbikis argues that he was wrongfully convicted, and it's his constitutional right to review the pre-sentencing report before he was sentenced. Bisbikis, a licensed attorney prior to the murder,  said he objects to the paperwork and says he was wrongfully convicted.

"I will be back, and I will be able to prove my innocence," he said.

Judge Grannt refused his request and said sentencing will continue for Larry as Bisbikis reads his report.

Bisbikis, the attorney for the Hutchinsons, wrote himself into Dan's will and trust before the murder-for-hire plot. Investigators say Bisbikis worked with Roy and others to plan the crime, while Roy was the one who shot Dan on June 1, 2022, outside an Oak Park pawn shop.

Judge Grant then called the first victim to speak - Roberta Hutchinson said.

"Macro, you're evil. You murdered my mother's only son," Martha Hutchinson said. "All you had to do was tell him that you spent his money and he'd be alive and you'd be free."

Melissa Hutchinson's brother, Chris Kessner, spoke about the hit put on the Hutchinsons that led to Dan's death.

"Those same actions were intended to take the life of my sister," he said. 

Kessner then talked about all that was taken away from the Hutchinson family.

"We can't possibly predict the eventual residual impact of all these crimes but they will be substantial," he said. No one should have to see, know or experience what we have had to see, know or experience for these past two years. I have a sister who won't grow old with her husband, living out the plans that they made. I have a niece who ewon't have her father to walk her down the aisle. she wont have him there to overcome the inevitable challenges ahead of her. I have a son who lost a treasured mentor and friend. There are countless family members, friends, and lifetime relationships that had our own unique relationships with Dan and those relationships have been taken away too early."

Marley Hutchinson spoke next about the day she learned her father was taken from her and says that her dad's final message came in a text when she asked about going to a friend's house on June 1, 2022.

"Be home by 9, I love you," she recalled his final message.

Marley said she sobbed once she heard her dad was attacked. Over the past two years, she said she spent more time in court than in school and is now having to spend the rest of her life without her dad. She turned on Bisbikis, at this point.

"I will never get the privilege to see him again. And Marco, I wish the same for you. I hope your children never see you again," she said. "If those poor kids are brainwashed by their terrible parents to come see you, confident they won't see you as a good person, let alone father."

Marley said the loss of dad was devastating for more than just her and her family.

"It's a huge loss for so many people. for you Marco, you'll forever be a disgusting, worthless coward," she said. "How dumb you'd have to be to think an action like this would not have consequences."

Once the victims were finished, Roy Larry addressed the court and apologized to the Hutchinson family for their pain but then said that he was also wrongly convicted.

"I sit here and listen and pay attention to everything that you said. I'm not even mad about how you feel about me," Larry said. "I did not kill your family member. Y'all looking for justice. Y'all came here for justice. The prosecution stood up here and lied and smiled to your face. They let three people that orchestrated the murder get 6 years, 4 years, and whatever other years."

Larry is referring to the plea deal made by the prosecution with Roy's cousin, Darnell Larry. Darnell said he paid his cousin, Roy, to carry out the murders of Dan and Marisa Hutchinson after originally being paid by Bisbikis to kill the couple.

"Is that justice for them? No, it's not," Larry said. "It's a tragedy. It makes no sense for a person named Darnell Larry to orchestrate a murder, get out after 25 years, orchestrate another murder and then get 6 years? Is that justice?" 

Bisbikis' attorney addressed corrections for the sentencing report before Bisbikis was asked if he was ready to proceed. Bisbikis said he didn't have a pen to mark but said his attorney covered his complaints. 

He then addressed the Hutchinson family.

"I feel for you guys. I do miss Daniel Hutchinson as well. He was a good friend of mine and a client," Bisbikis said. "I didn't have anything to do with his murder. I stand on that."

Calling the plea deals "sweetheart deals", Bisbikis said during his appeals he will be vindicated.

"They would admit to anything," he said. "I do believe it will come out that I am innocent and the jury just got this wrong."

Judge Grant then began the sentencing – where she said the details were something from a movie.

"I agree it was a complicated case," she said "It's just  - every time I thought I saw something different or unusual, y'all ratcheted it up one more step. I try to tell people about this case and they think I'm talking about a movie."

"The jury, I don't believe, got it wrong," Grant said.

She proceeded to sentencing both men to spend life in prison without the possibility of parole for murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Both of those will served concurrently.

They were both also convicted of other felony charges as well – which will be served consecutively.

Larry denied being the shooter and took the stand in his own defense.

"I never changed my story - I never lied to them not one time," Roy Larry said while on the stand.

Bisbikis did not testify.

Larry's cousin, Darnell Larry, pleaded guilty and testified in the trial. He said he was originally paid by Bisbikis to kill the Hutchinsons but he paid Roy Larry to do it instead.

In addition to Bisbikis, Roy Larry, and Darnell Larry, two other men, Angelo Raptoplous, and Philip Sumpter, were charged in connection with the murder. Raptopolous also accepted a plea deal in exchange for his testimony. Sumpter's case is still moving through the legal system.


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