I-696 down to 2 lanes in each direction until end of year

Crews shift traffic on I-696 on March 9, 2023

A stretch of I-696 will be down to two lanes on both sides of the freeway through the end of the year.

Last week, crews began shifting traffic from the eastbound side to the westbound side of the freeway from the I-96 connector/I-275/M-5 interchange through Telegraph Road in Oakland County. All traffic will share the westbound side while the other side is rebuilt. Traffic will follow this pattern through late fall.

The westbound I-696 connector to westbound I-96 will be down to one lane during this time. 

These ramps will be closed through late fall:

  • Northbound Telegraph Road ramp to eastbound I-696
  • Eastbound I-696 ramp to American Drive
  • Southbound Orchard Lake Road ramp to eastbound I-696
  • Northbound Orchard Lake Road ramp to westbound I-696

Next year, traffic will be shifted to the new eastbound lanes, so the westbound side can be rebuilt as part of the Restore the Reuther project.