Ice and snow a tough go for delivery workers

"I was looking at that house," said William Boyd. "Lucky I don't have to go over there."

You are hearing the true confessions of a flower delivery driver forced to deal with snow and icy covered sidewalks, porches and steps as he delivers flowers.

"I got my boots on, but you know, I look like I could fall down going up these steps," said Boyd from Livernois-Davison Florist.

He has been delivering flowers for nearly 20 years and this Valentine's Day weekend he knows he will be busy, but he also wants to be safe.

"You just have to watch out," he said.

"A lot of times we go to big businesses so it's shoveled but for residential areas it's a little more sticky," said Titania Askew of Front Page Deli. 

When Askew has to make a delivery in snowy conditions she scopes out the area first.

"When it comes to snow and ice I try to find a level ground so I can walk and I'm not slipping," she said.

But she says one of her coworkers wasn't so lucky

"He sprained his shoulder," Askew said. 

As delivery crews try to do their jobs, they have this advice for residents about snow and ice.

"At least try to put some salt down, if you don't shovel," Boyd said. "But try and shovel a little."