Iconic Hart Plaza fountain in downtown Detroit turned back on

The Dodge Fountain spraying water after years of lying dormant. 

After years of being shut off, Detroit city officials restarted the iconic Dodge Fountain located at the center of Hart Plaza.

Thanks to a $6.7 million restoration project that helped repair the dormant fountain after nearly a decade of not operating, the proverbial switch was flipped back on Thursday.

High brass were at the unveiling, including the city mayor, council president, and even Detroit's historian. 

Plans for the fountain's revitalization began last October with the assistance of American Rescue Plan Act funds. Work was overseen by the city's construction and demolition department. 

Among the repairs included removing panels from the fountain's exterior, installing new lighting fixtures, and pressure testing the columns.

The fountain has seen some life in recent weeks after the city turned it on for Movement Music Fest and the NFL Draft. 


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