Impaired driver rolls vehicle after causing crash while looking for cigarette on I-94

Police say a man was looking for a cigarette Sunday morning when he crashed into another vehicle on I-94 in Taylor.

The 30-year-old man was driving near Telegraph around 11:40 a.m. when he looked down for a cigarette. As he looked up, he crashed into a Jeep in front of him. The at-fault driver then corrected to the left and rolled several times into the center ditch.

He hit a large light pole, which kept him from going onto the westbound lanes.

The at-fault driver, who police believe was impaired, suffered internal injuries. The driver in the Jeep suffered a concussion. 

"Driving requires 100% of your attention. While the hands-free law will make a dent in distracted driving, drivers should be aware of other distractions that could impact their driving leading to a crash," said Michigan State Police F/Lt. Mike Shaw.