Increasing prices lead to chicken wing shortage

Restaurants and stores are having a hard time getting chicken wings due to a shortage.

"What we’re seeing now is a huge difference in the pricing. The pricing has doubled now," said Ted Teeter, the operations manager at the Irish Tavern in Waterford.

The price increase and difficulty are causing problems nationwide and here in Metro Detroit.

"Everyone’s gotta raise their rates. If you don’t raise your prices, you won’t be in business," said Matthew Burns with Market Place Meats in Waterford. "Wings are in the stratosphere. They’ve gone up two times. If it’s a dollar, it’s $3.50 now for the wings." 

Burns said the issue is a labor shortage.

"They can’t get any help at the plants. Companies can’t get drivers to distribute it," he said. "Now we’re hearing that bacon and pork and beef is going up in the next three months." 

The price of whole chickens and breasts has also been doubling, too.

However, this shortage isn't expected to last long.

"if you want chicken wings and we have 'em you’re getting 'em!" Teeter said.