Inkster motel, store with history of prostitution, crime incidents shut down

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There was outrage in Inkster, when law enforcement moved in to shut down a motel.

“I just lost my (expletive) home,” said Sheila Brown, a displaced resident.

Tensions were running high - even forcing police to take one man away.

It all took place after law enforcement officials told the owner of Michigan Motel and 25 Hour party store to shut down everything because of code violations, drug use, and prostitution.

“They say rooms are unsafe everyone's got to get out,” said Brown.

“This is a place that had numerous calls for service. That not only taxes the local officers who are coming back here for drug dealers, but also for our troopers,” said Lt. Mike Shaw, Michigan State Police.

Police say during their investigation they found drugs. In fact, police say when they went inside the party store they also found more suspicious items.

“Cutting agents, pill presses, containers that you actually use to magnetize the bottom of vehicles so you can transport narcotics,” said Lt. Shaw.

The move to shut down the two businesses is part of Governor Rick Snyder’s Secure Cities Partnership.

“If you provide those products, you're telling the drug traffickers and the loiterers and the people who are up to no good, that it's okay to come to your business,” said Shaw.

Police say city officials are finding places for displaced residents to stay.

They also hope the shut down lets area businesses know that they're watching.