Interim DPD Chief patrols streets in Greektown as part of summer crowd control plan

A visible increase in Detroit Police officers are patrolling the streets in Greektown just one week after a violent brawl was recorded downtown. Among those patrolling the streets Saturday is interim Chief James White.

It's part of the interim Chief's summer crowd control plan unveiled this week. "We're going to move as needed throughout the city, where the crowds do, we will go," White said Saturday.

Chief White says Mayor Duggan has authorized 4-thousand hours of overtime for weekend crowd control management and has authorized an additional 2-thousand hours per weekend for drifting and speeding enforcement.

"If you're disorderly, if you're carrying an illegal weapon, we're going to have to address those issues and move you from the area and that will be by way of arrest," said White. 

But he also says it's not just about cracking down on crime. White is focused on the importance of community policing and spent Saturday afternoon visiting neighborhood parks to spend time with Detroit residents.