'It was hot as hell': Survivors share stories of house fire in Pontiac that killed 2

Timothy Minor, was one of 11 people, that lived in a Pontiac transitional house for parolees that was engulfed in flames Monday morning.

"It was hot as hell but I put something over my head and ran down the steps," said tenant Timothy  Minor. "Everything I own is in that house, this is all I have."  

"I made it, (by the) grace of God, I made it," said tenant LeBron Tyler.  

The fire started off St. Clair Street early Monday morning, spreading fierce and fast.

"I had to jump out the window," Tyler said. "I barely fit my leg got caught and that's why it's swollen."  

Two men inside died in the fire. The bodies – have not been identified but, a 19-year-old man with autism, was staying there with his step-father and may be one of them. 

He was told to jump from the window, then disappeared into the fire.  

"I am still shaking," said Lachen Herring. 

Herring, a neighbor, helped some of the men get out - bracing their falls as they jumped - she felt defeated she couldn’t help the two men trapped.  

"My heart goes out to them, I hope they find comfort that someone tried to do something, but there was only so much i could do."  

We're told by one of the tenants - that a rickety set of stairs to the second floor, outside was recently taken down. The cause is still under investigation.