Jennifer Crumbley verdict: Oxford High School shooter's mom guilty on all counts

The jury has found Jennifer Crumbley guilty on all charges of involuntary manslaughter after seven days of testimony and evidence in Oakland County. The court was notified a decision had been reached by the jury on Tuesday afternoon around 1:15. Roughly 20 minutes later, the jury came into the room and announced they had found her guilty on all charges. Tap here for the latest update.

Crumbley's trial lasted seven days and included several witnesses and hours of testimony, as well as hundreds of exhibits that ranged from journal entries and surveillance videos, to firearms and thousands of text messages.

The jury began deliberations Monday morning after closing arguments finished late Friday. Crumbley's trial reached its climax when she testified during the final two days if cross-examination. She answered questions from her defense attorney on Thursday afternoon before the prosecution asked her questions Friday morning.

Both sides made their closing arguments after lunch. You can read and watch what they said here

What was Jennifer Crumbley charged with?

Jennifer Crumbley was charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count for each student killed by her son at Oxford High School on Nov. 30, 2021. 

Her husband, James Crumbley, is also facing the same charges and is expected to go to trial on March 5, 2024.

What did Jennifer Crumbley do?

The prosecution argued that Jennifer and James ignored their son's mental health and even bought him a gun before the Oxford High School shooting. 

Jennifer's attorney maintained that her client knew nothing about guns and was not involved in purchasing the weapon. Receipts provided in court show that James bought the gun, and the shooter admitted during his plea hearing that he gave James money to buy the firearm. Video from a gun range showed Jennifer shooting a gun with her son, but her lawyer claims she didn't know what she was doing.

Journal entries detailing the shooter's mental state have been presented in court, but Jennifer's defense argues that there is no evidence Jennifer knew about this writing.

Witnesses called by the prosecution during the trial have also described a meeting between the Crumbley parents and school officials the morning of the shooting. The parents were called after violent drawings were discovered on their son's schoolwork. 

During this meeting, a school counselor told the parents to get their son mental health help as soon as possible and recommended that they take him home from school. However, the parents chose not to take him home.

Recapping Jennifer Crumbley's trial

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Day 2: Messages between shooter, parents shown

Day 3: Parents' first police interview shown

Day 4: Ex-Oxford High School dean questioned, Crumbley's colleagues testify 

Day 5: Extramarital affair revealed, arrest video shown

Day 6: Jennifer Crumbley takes the stand

Day 7: Closing arguments