Judge moves cases forward for suspected east side serial killer in Detroit

A suspected serial killer accused of luring his victims into abandoned houses on Detroit's east side faced a judge Thursday morning.

The judge moved forward with the cases involving Deangelos Martin after a preliminary exam. He's charged with raping and murdering at least four women and then leaving their bodies in the abandoned home. 

The judge heard from a witness who described herself as Martin's ex-girlfriend, who started dating him when she was a prostitute and using crack cocaine. She would also frequent the house where one of the victims Nancy Harrison was found and would have intercourse with Martin from time to time.

"He told me he botched a girlfriend with a 2x4," the witness said.

But the defense attorney tried to tear away at her credibility by bringing up her history of prostitution and drug use.

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Harrison wasn't the only alleged victim discussed at the prelim examination.

Another witness, Tiffany Jones, admitted her mother Tamara Jones liked to hang in the streets but when she did not see her mother for weeks she became concerned.

Tamara Jones' body was found by a man who went into an abandoned home on Mack with a woman to have sexual intercourse. 

Prosecutors say evidence - used condoms with his DNA - links Martin to the scenes including Conventry, Mack and another scene on Lindhurst.

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But Martin's attorney questioned if that held any weight and asked for all charges to be dropped. 

But the judge disagreed moved the cases forward.