Judge rules Detroit woman who killed boyfriend acted in self-defense

Charges against a Detroit woman were dropped Friday after a judge ruled she acted in self-defense when she shot and killed her boyfriend.

Friends and family of Pap Jenkins expressed outrage in the courtroom.

Holmes was accused of shooting her boyfriend in the face at a Marathon gas station early in the morning of March 4.


A friend of the couple testified last month that he witnessed Jenkins assault Holmes at that location that night.

The defense also told the judge that Jenkins stalked Holmes, and she wasn't expecting to see him.

"When he comes, he blocks her way, and there is a physical confrontation where he has her hands around her neck," lawyers said. "At the time this gunshot was fired, Mr. Jenkins was engaged in physical contact with Ms. Holmes. You can look at their relative heights. He's a bigger guy, she's a small woman."

Prosecutors struggled to defend their client.

"I do not believe there was any testimony that Jenkins was strangling the defendant," attorneys said. "Instead at that moment she chose to shoot him, deadly of course, in the face."

In the end, the defense presented a stronger case, and the judge sided with Holmes -- a licensed CPL holder.

"It's clear from the notes that Mr. Jenkins at every step of the way was causing a problem," the judge said. "And he approaches her and starts choking her, and then she shot him. Case dismissed."

The courtroom commotion following the ruling does not sway the judge's ruling.