Keepsake necklace with cremains inside crucifix found in Bloomfield Hills

A treasured keepsake turned up in a Bloomfield Hills parking lot. And ever since finding this necklace, Faith Siterlit has been on a mission to get it back to its rightful owner.

"Somewhere in this area it was just laying on the ground," she said.

Faith found it in the parking lot of a shopping center on Telegraph north of Square Lake in Bloomfield Hills back in November. It was near the Dollar Tree, post office and Great Clips.

And this is no ordinary necklace. The crucifix carries cremains.

The medallion is a fingerprint and on the back of it, there’s seemingly a birthday from more than 70 years ago along with someone’s initials.

"I think somebody’s probably looking for it, you know?" she said. "Somebody’s maybe father, brother, husband.

"I did try on my own to find its owner and I put it on Facebook but I didn’t have any luck."

That’s when Faith turned to her friend Rita Tomburrini---who lives in the area where she found the necklace, in hopes of broadening the search for whom it belongs, but she too has come up short.

"If you go to the lengths of having somebody’s cremation ashes made into jewelry and their fingerprint, and it’s somebody you care about and you’d want to keep this forever," said Rita.

And that’s where our faithful FOX 2 viewers, come in.

"And hopefully channel 2 will be significant in helping us locate the family.

So if this necklace looks familiar or if you know who it belongs to and you can verify the initials and date on the back of that medallion--drop us a line so we can help get it back to its rightful owner, at