Kid Rock headlines campaign event in Macomb County alongside Donald Trump Jr.

Campaigning for the president, Kid Rock is hopping on the election trail as he headlined a Make America Great Again! event with Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle, the campaign finance chair and girlfriend of the president's son.

Kid Rock played a handful of songs Monday in Harrison Charter Township at the Bumpers Landing Boat Club.

Kid Rock has been a vocal supporter of the president for years, even making appearances in the White House during Trump's first few years as executive.

"I want to see everybody do well in this country, but I don't think you make the poor rich by making the rich poor," Kid Rock said. He then laughed and said he'll just stick to his day job. 

Hundreds of people attended, also bringing much-needed business to local restaurants in the area before the rally kicked off at 7 p.m.

After a few speeches from candidates running for local offices, Donald Trump Jr. and Kid Rock briefly shared the stage.

Donald Trump Jr. also talked one-on-one with FOX 2, and we asked him about the recent decline of manufacturing jobs in Michigan even before the pandemic hit. 

"I think we recognize what China did and, frankly, the Biden policies have been spending 50 years shipping American manufacturing jobs to China. Whether it's TPP, support of NAFTA, China's permanent status in the World Trade Organization - Joe Biden singlehandedly did more damage to American manufacturing. Not just Michigan, but Michigan was obviously one of the big hits as part of that. He's been doing this for 50 years; Donald Trump's the guy that put an end to the China trade nonsense, he got a trade deal done with China. He's willing to take them on - and able to, not just going on with the same nonsense. So he recognizes bringing back American manufacturing is so important," he said. 

He also addressed the large crowds that have been seen sans masks and social distancing during his father's reelection campaign events. 

"I think people have sort of gotten over some of that. It doesn't mean you can't take reasonable precautions; you wash your hands, you do that. But I think you also have to get back to life. You see the way the economy's springing back, you talk about jobs - you can't let these small businesses go out of business because they don't want people in stores, they don't want people living. You saw the economic numbers that came out just this week alone; they were great. What they don't include is that in many places, in Michigan, in California, in New York, a lot of these Democrat-run states are still in virtual total lockdown so the economy's doing great because of the fundamentals that Donald Trump built in them are phenomenal."

Michigan has become a battleground state in the presidential race and represents a key demographic for both former Vice President Joe Biden and Trump. Both nominees made appearances in the state last week as they made their pitch to voters. 

FOX 2 also spoke on this night with a spokesperson for Joe Biden about the campaign event. 

"People in Michigan know inherently, even before this crisis hit, what the reality of the Trump administration has been. And I think since this crisis hit it's only gotten worse. President Trump has had the best counsel and advice and has privately admitted he knows how serious this crisis is but he's lied to the American public. And you know I think that really says all you need to know about the seriousness with which they take Michiganders' health and their safety," said Bill Russo, the deputy communications director for the Joe Biden Campaign. "Events like this are not in the best interest of public health and public safety, and that our campaign is going to continue to put our supporter's lives first."

You can see more from Donald Trump Jr. and the event in the video player above.