Kid Rock takes in the Detroit NAIAS auto show

A special guest was at the North American International Auto Show Tuesday - Kid Rock.

Rock, also known as Bob Ritchie, got only about 10 yards into the show and checked out the Lincoln Navigators before stopping to chat with FOX 2.

The Michigan native said he feels a "ton of pride" coming to the annual auto show, which he has been going to for years and seen it grow.

"I feel like we all feel a connection to (the auto industry)," he said. "My dad was actually president of this one year, he had a dealership growing up, Crest Lincoln Mercury. It's always been close to me just like anybody in this town."

Kid Rock was asked about the new car technology and if he would ever get behind the wheel of an autonomous vehicle. 

"Yeah I would get right behind the wheel with a 40-ounce," he quipped. "I am all for it."

Watch the video for the complete interview.