Lake Orion High School student arrested for threatening to shoot up school

A 15-year-old student at Lake Orion High School has been arrested for threatening a mass shooting, the Oakland County Sheriff's Office said Friday.

The threat was allegedly made one day after the mass shooting at Oxford High School that killed four students and injured seven others including a teacher.

Investigators say the junior said he "would shoot up the school of he could get a gun."

He was arrested at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at his Orion Township home by detectives for making a terrorist threat. He is being held at Children's Village in Oakland County.

"We are aggressively investigating each of these threats and will seek to hold anyone accountable who makes such threats," Sheriff Michael Bouchard said in a release.

The arrest comes after a cascade of copycat threats disturbingly surfaced across the county as well as Metro Detroit in the wake of the tragedy.

"School districts around the state have closed because of concerns for student and staff safety," he said. "We have seen first-hand the tragic consequences when these statements turn into action. Some may think it is a joke. It is not.

"Others see it as a way to get out of school, or it may be a real precursor that requires us to intervene and prevent."