Lake Superior lighthouse volunteer position sees massive response

The lighthouse on Sand Island, which is part of the Apostle Islands off the shore of Lake Superior. Photo via National Parks Service

Well, that didn't take long. 

The application window for volunteers to stay part of the summer inside a bucolic lighthouse on an island in Lake Superior closed as quickly as it was opened.

A call for help from the National Park Service posted on Facebook requested anyone interested in being a caretaker for the Sand Island Light off the coast of northern Wisconsin. Not even a day had passed before the NPS closed the application window "due to an abundance of applicants."

It's not surprising. The offer was for a set of volunteers to stay at the structure from June 10 to June 1 during the 2024 summer. 

The offer tells volunteers to be prepared to stay on the island for the entire timeframe and that they may not be able to get off the island right away. Lake Superior weather conditions can dictate passage to the islands within the lakeshore.

The three-week position included jobs of meeting a variety of people, including boaters, hikers, kayakers, and campers. They'll be the primary contact for visitors coming to the island.

Sand Island is located at the west end of the Apostle Island chain. The lighthouse is considered one of the most beautiful in Lake Superior. 

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