Landlord collecting overdue rent saves tenants he found overdosing

A Pontiac landlord found two tenants passed out from an opioid overdose - but luckily he got to them just in time-to call 911.

Police officers who responded were able to use Narcan to save both of their lives.

"I just think God or the universe works in mysterious ways and I was meant to be there," said Nicholas Somberg.

Somberg is a criminal defense attorney – and owns rental properties in Pontiac. When he went to collect overdue rent this week, he had no idea he’d be saving the lives of his tenants.

"They didn't look good and I saw a tray of white powder on the table," he said.

Somberg’s new tenants at a house on Mary Day Avenue in Pontiac were only there a month and behind on rent.

"They were nice and kind, had kids, he had a good job, they got a couple extensions – but Thursday night was it," he said. "I called him and i wasn't answering and neither was his girlfriend or wife, so I decided to go over there."

He found a pile of powder inside and the tenants – a couple with five kids between them - were passed out and twitching. Somberg made an immediate call to 911, then Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies got there.

"They were very professional, they knew what they were doing like they do this everyday," Somberg said. "Probably because they do

No kids were there, but their toys, the backdrop to the Narcan rescue – which was eerie even for this seasoned criminal defense attorney.  

"It was a slow revival bringing them back, being kind, telling them 'Hey honey we are here to help,'" Somberg said.

He said that Narcan worked – and they were taken to the hospital for treatment and will recover.

"The EMS (workers) were like, if you wouldn't have been here, they would have died," Somberg said.

He’s filing an emergency eviction – he doesn’t want this kind of drug use in his homes.