Lawsuit alleges Taylor police used excessive force after man Tased during traffic stop

A lawsuit filed against the Taylor police department Friday alleges that officers used excessive force during a traffic stop in 2019.

Bodycam footage was released with the filing.

According to the lawsuit, Imani Ringgold D’Abell was stopped on Sept. 13, 2019, because he didn't have a license plate on his vehicle. The lawsuit said that a paper temporary plate had detached during a car wash. Officers confirmed the vehicle was registered to him.

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The suit said that Ringgold D’Abell had just moved to Michigan and had a temporary paper driver's license while he was waiting for the permanent one to arrive. 

During the traffic stop that was caught on police body cameras, Ringgold D’Abell was Tased and arrested while his girlfriend and daughter were in the vehicle. At one point, his girlfriend was handcuffed, according to the lawsuit, but she was not arrested.

The lawsuit claims that excessive force was used because Ringgold D’Abell posed no threat to officers and was not armed.

According to the suit, Ringgold D’Abell spent three days in jail because he could not post bond.