Lawsuit filed against hip-hop group and music venue after man injured at concert

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A metro-Detroit man was at a concert for a popular hip-hop act when they started hurling items from the stage. 

Geff Gleason knows Rae Sremmurd puts on a good concert, but never expected the hip hop group to do this:

“We're all dancing, then the artist we went to see, boom out of nowhere, I got hit in the face from an object off stage,” said Gleason.

He was standing about 30 feet from the stage at the Royal Oak music theatre, when Gleason says a member of the group chucked a water bottle into the crowd. The force and the direction ripped off a chunk off his nose.

“It was all a shock, it happened so fast as soon. As it happened, I grabbed my face my nose it thought it was broken ran to the bathroom bleeding everywhere,” said Gleason.

The Macomb County resident says no one did at anything.  He received no medical attention at the venue, so he rushed himself to Beaumont hospital where he received six stitches.

“When I got to the hospital, they said they had never seen anything like it,” said Gleason.

Gleason traveled all the way to California for plastic surgery, but his attorney Jonathan Marco says the 23-year-old will be scarred physically and emotionally for the rest of his life.

They are now suing the rap artists and Royal Oak music theatre.

“He was supposed to have a good time in a safe environment when he was straight up assaulted. If you and I did this we be in jail or have criminal charges against us they should be held to the same standard,” said Marco.

A year later - they still haven't received any sort of resolution - let alone an apology. According to the law suit - the pair performing on stage never warned their fans about their plans to shoot bottles into the crowd during the show. Gleason never even had a chance to brace himself.

“No should have that done at a concert that is just dangerous, and just ridiculous,” said Marco.

“I think it is absurd. I don't think it should be done. I don't think anybody should have to go to a concert and worry about being hit by something off stage,” said Gleason.