Let It Rip: Firechasers vs. firefighters; July 4 terror concerns

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Part 1: Firechasers vs. firefighters

Firefighters say the new breed of photo journalists, many using drones and some being more aggressive, are downright dangerous.

They argue that in many cases they are helping shed light on the challenging conditions firefighters - especially in Detroit - deal with daily.  The shutterbugs add that if they are being responsible and out of the way, they have every right to be there.

On the panel:

Steve Neavling, editor of the Motor City Muckraker website

Mike Nevin, Detroit Fire Fighters Association president

Alex Haggart, also known as "Alex-fire chaser" on YouTube and Periscope.

Jonathan Bolton - Motor City Fire Photography on Facebook.

Part 2: July 4 terror concerns

As Independence Day fast approaches the question is are we safe from terrorists?

Also, what can we do to keep ourselves out of danger's way?  We discuss protecting against terror attacks

On the panel:

Chief Daniel Roberts, Franklin/Bingham Farms police

Dawud Walid - executive director, Council on American-Islamic Relations-Michigan.

Thayrone X - WAAM 1600 AM talk radio host

Dale Brown - Detroit Threat Management Center

Part 3: On the Road

Are airports safe and does the terror threat impact your plans on the holiday weekend?