Lightning strike fire destroys new home for mom, 11-year-old daughter

"We moved here 13 days ago and everything was brand new," said Lisa Hanes. "Now it's gone."

It was supposed to be a fresh start, but now her Clarkston home has been destroyed.  

"How am I going to tell my daughter? She is out of town and I'll have to tell her tomorrow," Hanes said.  

Lisa Hanes' daughter, Eastyn, is just 11. Now she'll come home to find this.

"I was able to grab some photo albums, all I wanted was some baby pictures of my daughter, so I grabbed about 10 and took off."

Last night's wicked summer storms brought a lighting strike right to her gas meter in the middle of the night - then fire.  

"I heard an explosion, I felt the explosion in my body," she said."It woke me right up. I thought it was just lighting that struck really close by. I went back to bed, and about a minute, to two minutes later, somebody was pounding on this window and this window, saying your house is on fire."  

Firefighters tried saving a few of the little girl’s things, but there wasn’t much they could do.

"Every single thing I had was put into this," Hanes said. "I work full time and I just started Door Dashing part-time just so I could furnish this place, and now it is gone."

She says they’ll stay with her parents for now. But first, she has to break the news - less than two weeks after moving in.

"I will just have to tell her eventually we will get a new home, and this wasn’t meant for us," she said.  

This mom and daughter need everything. Friends have set up a GoFundMe page. You can help by going HERE.