Lincoln Park pawn shop murder still unsolved 1 year later

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Mouhammad Hassan and his wife Digevis. Mouhammad was murdered inside his Lincoln Park pawn shop one year ago.

"I only want justice, because justice is not being served right now and these guys are on the run."

That tearful plea came one year ago from the family of a pawn shop owner who was killed in his store.

Lincoln Park police said they knew who they were looking for back then, but 12 months later there are still no arrests.

The 29-year-old victim left behind a pregnant wife and a young son who continue to struggle without that husband and father figure in their lives.

Mouhammad Hassan was killed inside his pawn shop which is now closed. His wife says he was late getting home for dinner. Because she thought it odd, she sent his brother and father to check on him and that was when they found his body inside.

"I couldn't believe it, I was just telling him to send him to the emergency room and try to save him," his wife Digevis Hassan said. "But I knew something was wrong because my heart was feeling it. it was an unusual feeling."

A year later, that feeling lingers

Digevis Hassan was six months pregnant when her husband Mouhammad was murdered. Their son was nearly 2 years old.

"It's been hard raising them without a father," she said.

Mouhammad was the co-owner of the Platinum Pawnshop in Lincoln Park. He and Digevis met four years ago.

They would have celebrated their third anniversary the day after he was gunned down. Digevis says the hardest part about losing her husband is trying to spell it out to her son.

"He asks every day for him and I don't know how I can explain it to him," Digevis said. "I tell him that he's in heaven watching over us and he's his angel now. And every time the door rings he runs and thinks his dad is coming home."

Detectives from Lincoln Park police combed through surveillance video and explored several leads after the shooting but came up empty handed.

No arrests, no suspects and not even a person of interest. They are still investigating Hassan's murder and his family is still healing - or at the very least trying.

"It's very heartbreaking because I want these people to get caught," she said. "I know it's never going to bring my husband back or bring their father back to my kids but at least it will make me at peace."

Digevis and her family says she and her family have not lost hope, they're praying police will make an arrest soon. The Lincoln Park police chief says investigators are working new leads.

Next week this case will be going to the Crime Stoppers, meaning there will be a cash reward for an arrest.

If you have any information, contact the Lincoln Park police at (313) 381-1800.