Little league treasurer accused of stealing $21,000

The 65-year-old Huron Valley Youth Baseball and Softball Association has been rocked with the shocking news of the loss of thousands of dollars.

Marco Helz was the treasurer of the league, which plays at Duck Lake Fields off M-59 in Highland.

The 42-year-old Highland man is now the main suspect in the embezzlement case.

"You have non-profits trying to make the community better," said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard. "They get on the board and somehow they think no one's going to notice."

Money comes in from families paying fees for kids to play, which goes to the concession stands. Collections from fundraisers like car washes and magazine sales also go toward the fund. 

And as treasurer Marco Helz was overseeing every dollar collected.

"It's just really sad," Bouchard said. "That somebody feels comfortable embezzling from an organization that's focused on kids, having an organization focused on helping kids."

The Huron Valley Youth Baseball and Softball League eventually discovered a $21,000 leak.

Parent Tom Damon is the Huron Valley Youth President says he blew the whistle.

"Upon finding that there were some improprieties going on, we went to the Oakland County Sheriff, got him involved," Damon said. "They have been on this for two and a half months. We've been cooperating with them for the entire investigation. At this point it is in their hands and they are going to do what they have to do."

Helz was arrested by Oakland County detectives at his Highland Township home Tuesday. He is charged with embezzling from a non-profit. 

FOX 2 went to Helz home for a comment but no one came to the door. If convicted, he's looking at a 10-year felony.

Marco Helz has been replaced as the league treasurer.  He has not been convicted of a crime but is due in court on Oct. 7.