Livonia Public Schools bring students back with pandemic precautions

The youngest voices are speaking out as their Livonia school district is preparing to return to in-person learning starting Monday 

"When we go to real school, (we) get to see friends. It's going to be fun and I don't have to do online stuff on computers," said students Nolan and Nadia Chiorean. 

The school board voted Monday to end virtual learning put in place as efforts continue to stop the spread of COVID-19.

"I understand that they need to align to CDC requests I think three weeks enough to get to that," said parent Georgiana Chiorean. 

The school doors re-opened next Monday but not to all students at once. The return to school for students will be staggered by grade levels and by Friday all students will be in class district-wide.

The first full week of in-person learning starts on October 12th.

This mom of two admits the last several weeks have been challenging.

"Because we both work from home it was a little bit hectic and get our work done," she said. 

FOX 2 contacted the superintendent and although she did not agree to an on-camera interview she released the following statement: 

"Detailed health and safety protocols have been put into place that are in accordance with MiSafeStart guidelines for the well-being of our students and staff."  

And as COVID infections continue and the flu season comes into play, Chiorean is still okay with in-person learning.

Georgiana Chiorean and her children Nolan and Nadia.

Georgiana Chiorean and her children Nolan and Nadia.

"I'm okay with it as long as they follow CDC guidelines," she said. 

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