Livonia teen accused of threatening to bludgeon high school teacher and kill her family

A 16-year-old Livonia high school student is accused of making vile threats against his teacher that was recorded by another student. But teachers said they didn't know about the threats until more than two weeks later - and parents have only learned about it as we reported on this story.

The teacher, who we are not naming out of the interest of her safety, said she's living in fear after the vile threat was made by one of her students, a 16-year-old boy at Stevenson High school in Livonia. The student said he was going to kill her at her own home and then murder her family, she said.

"I don't know where he is and I don't know what he's going to do," she said. "(He says) he's going to follow me home from school and he's going to bludgeon me to death in my driveway, he's going to kill my family, he's going to cremate my body. He says he knows the boiling point of bones and he says yes you should be afraid of me."

The threat was made in a classroom and was recorded by a classmate. The student said they started recording after the student in question threatened the teacher in December. 

The teacher is giving the student who came forward credit for making sure the 16-year-old is held responsible.

"I want to extend to the very brave student that recorded this my god how very courageous that person is," the teacher said. 

In a statement from Livonia Public Schools, the district said it learned of the threat on Dec. 22 and the district was vigilant in responding to it:

"Livonia police, including the School Resource Officer on site at Stevenson High School were immediately involved; the student was identified and the district’s safety protocols were followed. The staff member was also immediately notified and the entire school staff was informed upon return from the holiday break on Monday, Jan. 9. With Friday, Dec. 23 being an inclement weather day, our schools were closed following the school day on Thursday, Dec. 22 and reopened after break on Monday, Jan. 9. The student is not currently in school and student disciplinary measures are being followed," the school said.

The same week that the teacher was threatened, Livonia Public Schools put out a PSA on school threats, saying that the district was working to keep schools safe and detailing the districts plans to respond to threats of violence. The PSA featured Livonia Police Chief Thomas Goralski, who said police would fully investigate, identify, and hold accountable anyone who was responsible for making school threats.

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Parents and students said they had not learned of the threats and, as FOX 2's Jessica Dupnack was working on this story, the learned about them from her for the first time.

Teachers themselves had only learned of the threat on Monday, Jan. 9.

By comparison, similar threats made to an administrator in the Richmond School District, shut down the schools for days and parents were updated by email.

"These are my friends, these are my students and I want to protect them," the teacher said.

The case was handed over to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office who said there was insufficient evidence for charges. Now the teacher is going to the feds.

The student is still suspended and a hearing for expulsion is planned. The teacher, meanwhile, is 

"To describe as being stressful is kind of the understatement of the century, every time I'm in my driveway my head is on a swivel," the teacher said.