Lizzo returns to Detroit to campaign for Biden-Harris 

Grammy-award winning artist Lizzo, who was born and spent the first ten years of her life in Detroit, returned to the Motor City Friday to campaign for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with a little more than a week until Election Day.

Lizzo was encouraging young voters to make their voice heard and vote.

"I am from Detroit. My family is Detroiters and Detroit is very special to me," she said.

The Grammy winner took her first plane trip since the pandemic started to come back to the city where it started and a state that's critical to both Biden and President Donald Trump.

"Michigan is too important, in this election, not to do everything we can possibly to make sure people are voting and making sure that we're fighting for our democracy," Lizzo said.

Campaigning for Biden and Harris, Lizzo performed to a crowd of socially-distanced supporters and volunteers to thank them for their efforts. Shortly after, she told FOX 2 she feels it's time to take the country in a different direction.

"We've seen the state of our country and it doesn't just affect us on a political level but a personal level. We are standing 6 feet away from each other right now. We are wearing masks because of the way that this global pandemic has been mishandled in this country. It doesn't even matter if you are not into politics, it is your civic duty to be active at this time. It is more than just voting red or blue it is possibly saving someone's life," Lizzo said.

During such a tumultuous time, Lizzo is pushing young people to use their voice and power to vote.

"There are so many ways to use your voice we've seen with protesting, marching, and we've seen with social media and also we need to see it in our voting numbers. So, get out and vote," she said.

After speaking in Detroit, Lizzo moved on to Harper Woods and spoke again.

"I am so in awe of you when I was your age in school I didn't think my political voice mattered. I didn't know where to begin. The fact that you are here tonight, I can see on your faces how passionate you are," Lizzo said.

Lizzo sat with Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist and fielded questions from young voters. She says a change is needed at the top.

"I just want things to be okay. I just want equal rights. I just want to feel I can live in a country that sees me and has laws that protect me, not kill me, not hurt me, not throw me in jail," Lizzo said.

FOX 2 reached out to the Trump campaign to comment on Lizzo's visit to Detroit. Trump Victory Spokesperson Chris Gustafson released this statement:

"Joe Biden knows a thing or two about plagiarism, so it's no wonder he's relying on frauds like Lizzo to campaign for him while he hides in his basement. Michigan Democrats will find out the Truth Hurts when Michiganders re-elect President Trump."