Loved ones gather at grave on anniversary of teen's murder over pair of sunglasses

Loved ones gathered to remember a life lost too soon one year ago today. Eighteen-year-old LaTae'O Garrett was shot dead over a pair of designer sunglasses, something nice he'd worked two jobs to buy for himself. 

"Just breaks my heart that he was robbed of his life so early," his mother Tia Garrett said. "I watched him put blood, sweat and tears to have those glasses."

The 18-year-old had a full ride to the University of Minnesota, graduating top of his class at Madison Prep in Madison Heights.

"All of us should aspire to be the kind of person Tae'O was. He never seemed to have a bad day," a former teacher said. 

A 20-year-old named Mario Buthia has been charged with LaTae'O's murder. He's accused of trying to snatch the Cartier glasses from Tae'O at an east side Detroit gas station. When Tae'O pulled away Buthia allegedly pulled the trigger. 

It's been a tough year for his family. Tae'O's father was also killed in a house fire back in January. Dozens gathered at Teo's gravesite Tuesday for the crushing one-year anniversary of his death.

"Makes me feel good to know that people come out and support and show their love for Tae'O," his mother said. 

Every day she wears a necklace and a button for herself, of course, but also so her son's tragic story can be a lesson for others to put the guns down. 

"When you take someone's life you hurt so many people. The damage is unbearable," she said. 

She said she'll get back those sunglasses when the court case is over and she'll display them to honor her son.