Loved ones mourn teens found shot to death in White Lake trailer park

Two teenagers are found shot and killed at a mobile home park in White Lake Township, while police have two suspects under arrest.

Families and friends are speaking out because they want the memories of their two loved ones Cameron Duckworth, 19, and Drake Mancuso, 16, to live on. The arrests provide little comfort as they begin to process their grief.

Saturday morning the White Lake Township Police Department say they found Cameron and Drake shot dead near a pond in the Cedarbrook Estates mobile home community. Police continue to investigate a motive, while the identities of the suspects haven't been released.

Friends of Cameron and Drake said they were acquaintances with the suspects— we are expecting to learn much more about them when they are charged in the coming days.

"I’m so sad he’s gone he didn’t deserve that," said Cameron's mom Emily Duckworth. "How empty our lives are going to be how they’re just changed forever," she said.

While Duckworth is at a loss for what her life will look like— she's not at a loss for words that describe her beloved son.

"He was just a joy, he was always a big, happy boy, a boisterous fun-loving person," she said.

Cameron's friends and family also are remembering his friend Drake.

"Little Drake he was the youngest one in our group and he always found a way in the worst situation is to make you laugh to just kind of pull pranks on you always goofing off," said Zane Jones, a friend of both victims. "He was the silly one."

"It’s so hard as a mom was he scared how did he you don’t know the details you don’t know what his last thoughts were you don’t know I hope he knows how much we all love him," Duckworth said.

"Both of them had a great friendship and that’s why I just know they did the best they could, to get through the situation together."

A GoFundMe is set up to help Cameron's mom pay for his funeral and other expenses. Go HERE to donate.

Victims Cameron Duckworth, left, and Drake Mancuso.

Victims Cameron Duckworth, left, and Drake Mancuso.