Lutheran North HS welcomes Rob Wolchek's 'Scam School' lesson

It's that time of year again, it's 'Scam School' when Rob Wolchek speaks to the business students at Lutheran North High School in Macomb.

"This is general business, my main class and I always do this in the spring," said teacher Steve Slagel. "This is my favorite unit, my favorite three of four weeks by far is this fraud unit and your stories."

Slagel has been using Wolchek's Hall of Shame stories as a teaching tool for the past 20 years and he's been coming to speak to the kids almost that long. They know his stories because the teacher starts off his lessons showing an example of real trickery happening in real life.
Sure watching videos is fun - but it's also educational. Even Wolchgek can't believe some of the things unethical business people pull off.

Watch the video for more of the story.