Lyft driver says her lupus led to her losing her job after customers didn't recognize her

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Frustration for a local woman suffering from lupus as she learns that her disease cost her, her job.

She drives for a ride-sharing service -- but customers complained she wasn't the same person as the photo in her company profile. It turns out that her disease was to blame for all the confusion.

"Am I accused of being ugly, am I punished for being ugly," asked Eunice Minter.

They are tough questions  to ask herself. Minter, 33, of Detroit, who suffers from the auto-immune disease Lupus says her job as a Lyft driver was put in jeopardy over a simple misunderstanding.

"They told me they were taking me off of the driving platform because they received a report that I let somebody else drive as me," she said.

On Friday Minter received an email her account had been disabled despite her 4.89 out of 5 star rating.

Her response:  "What the hell are you talking about? I've never let anyone drive as me," she said.

This is the photo of Minter that comes up on her driving service profile when passengers request a pick up. Minter says that she understands she looks a little different but, is happy to explain.

"My skin and hair changes depending on what is going on with my health condition," she said. "I go through lights and darks, my hair falls out, it grows back."

Not always looking like herself or feeling like herself since her diagnosis in 2005, Minter has had two open heart surgeries.

Now she says her Lupus has recently become more aggressive. Minter is on dialysis and undergoing surgery Wednesday says Lyft is her main source of income.

"They never asked me anything," she said. "It's just, we got this report and now you're canceled. That was it."

"If they asked me about my ride, I could have given details," she said. "It was me."

FOX 2 contacted Lyft Wednesday  explaining the situation. A spokesperson for Lyft said "For the safety of our community we take reports of unauthorized drivers very seriously."

Minter said within hours of FOX 2 contacting Lyft, they called her apologized and reinstated her. She said she is just happy she was able to explain what happened.