Macomb County corruption probe reaches Detroit

FOX 2 has learned that the investigation of public corruption in Macomb County is crossing county lines.

The probe may involve the Detroit Police Department as Celia Washington, DPD's former legal adviser; quit her job as the long-running investigation finally reached Detroit.

Washington declined to speak to FOX 2, but sources confirmed that Washington turned in her resignation two weeks ago.

FOX 2 is told she spoke with Chief James Craig and informed him she is somehow involved in the federal investigation, but didn't provide specifics.

That sounds ominous, but we don't know why the feds are interested in Washington. She could be a witness, a target or even a victim.

Washington's attorney Vincent Toussaint isn't saying much, either, but he did say:

"Ms. Washington had no power to change anything with regard to police authorized towing. It's the responsibility of the Board of Police Commissioners and the Detroit Police Department Towing Unit.  And there are documents that support that and nothing changed with the rotation."

There has been talk about indictments and charges for nearly a year involving Macomb County, involving waste hauling and the former company Rizzo Environmental Services.


When this investigation turned and included towing contractor Gasper Fiore, who was indicted, that could be a connection to Detroit because of his work with DPD and the city.