Macomb County investigating workplace complaints against Prosecutor Pete Lucido

An investigation was launched after workplace complaints were made against Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido.

A letter sent to Lucido by the county's director of human resources said that workplace complaints, "including complaints alleging unlawful discrimination and/or harassment" were received, and an investigation is being conducted. 

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The exact nature of the conduct isn't clear, but letters from County Executive Mark Hackel to Lucido claim that Lucido kept contacting his staff.

According to a letter, Hackel asked Lucido in December to stop contacting his staff and instead go through him.

A December email from Hackel alleges that requests for support services was "persistent and confrontational." 

"A number of department heads and support staff have expressed concerns with regards to your conduct and the matter in which your office has demanded support services," the December email read.

Six days before the investigation letter was sent to Lucido, Hackel again sent a letter to the prosecutor. That letter reiterated that Lucido should go directly to Hackel, not his staff. It also alleged that Lucido told the human resources director to refrain from doing something Hackel directed him to do. The nature of that task was not disclosed.

Lucido retained a lawyer after information about the investigation was made public, alleging that the county violated its confidentially policy. The letter informing Lucido of the investigation was titled "Confidential notice of investigation." 

Lucido was also the subject of an investigation when he was a state senator. He was removed from the Senate committee after an investigation into comments he made toward several women, including a reporter and a senator.