Macomb County mom charged with pouring urine on disabled daughter, threatening her with a knife

A Macomb County mother is charged with assaulting her wheelchair-bound daughter by pouring urine on her and threatening her with a knife.

Angela Lenora Gay was arrested last week on multiple charges of assaulting her daughter disabled daughter and threatening her other daughter and granddaughter.

According to Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith, the 56-year-old Harrison Township woman was arrested last week after police were called to the family home.

The caller told police that her mother tried to stab her with a pencil and bit her hand. The woman also said she found her wheelchair-bound sister covered in urine and her mother was standing over her with a knife.

The sister told police that Gay took a full container of urine from their mentally handicapped uncle and threw it all over her, calling her a "crippled b**ch." She also told police her mother slid a knife against the back of her neck, causing a small but visible cut.

Gay's granddaughter said she also stabbed her with a pencil and scratched her.

"As a prosecutor, I have taken my role seriously in protecting people in our special needs community, and this case is no different," said Smith. "We will also be asking that this defendant receive a mental health evaluation."

Smith has authorized charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, a 4-year felony, and 3 counts of domestic violence, each a misdemeanor punishable by 93-days and/or $500.

She was charged Tuesday and is behind on a personal bond.

Gay is due to be in court next week.