Macomb County Prosecutor rejects Warren PD request for charges against Amazon driver parked wrong way

The Macomb County Prosecutor said Thursday it would not seek felony charges against a 23-year-old man who was arrested following a confrontation with Warren police after he was parked the wrong way on a street on Tuesday.

The Macomb County Prosecutor's Office said Thursday it was rejecting felony charges that Warren Police had submitted against 23-year-old Jaylen Bond. According to the prosecutor's office, it reviewed the investigation and reports and has denied the warrant request for felony charges.

“As Prosecutors, we have sworn an oath to act with integrity, utilizing balanced judgment to ensure public safety within our communities, while respecting the constitutional and legal rights of all persons. We have an obligation not only to pursue appropriate criminal charges when necessary, but also employ discretion to not authorize criminal charges as certain circumstances demand,” said Prosecutor Jean Cloud.

The Amazon delivery driver was parked the wrong way Tuesday afternoon when a Warren Police officer pulled up and asked him for his license. The officer asked him 11 times for his license and the incredulous driver kept asking why. 

In dashcam video released by police, Bond said he was reaching for his license at seemingly the same moment the officer decided he was going to arrest him. 

Warren Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer said Wednesday his department was recommending felony charges of resisting arrest, failing to obey a lawful command, and failure to produce a driver's license.

In a video shot by an onlooker and dashcam video released by police, witnesses can be heard telling Bond to cooperate while also trying to defend him to the officer.

A protest is planned tonight at Warren City Hall.