Macomb County Prosecutor says alleged De La Salle victim doesn't want further charges in hazing case

The Macomb County Prosecutor's Office announced Friday that its office had received a warrant request and that the alleged victim does not want further charges in the case of De La Salle students accused of hazing fellow students on the football team.

Eric Smith's office released a statement on the matter on Friday and said that the warrant request provided to the office states the only alleged victim in the case "Does not wish to further charges and has declined to be interviewed by law enforcement."

Additionally, Smith's office would be requesting another county to review the case because his Senior Assistant Prosecutor could be called as a material witness, which would create a conflict.

Warren Police recommended charges against a pair of 16-year-old boys and an 18-year-old who was 17 at the time the hazing is alleged to have happened. But a few hours later, the Macomb County prosecutor said the victim in the case doesn't want to pursue charges and has declined to speak to investigators.

That does not mean the case is over, however, as Warren Police are still investigating.

De La Salle canceled the rest of its football season last week after hazing was reportedly uncovered at the private school. 

Warren police commissioner Will Dwyer said Thursday the investigation found three players 'sexually taunted' other players with a broomstick.

According to Dwyer, three boys are accused of sexually taunting other players with a broomstick. He said their investigation found there was not any use of the broomstick on any other players, only that they 'sexually taunting'. 

Dwyer said the three players have been suspended indefinitely from the team.

Warren police told FOX 2 that hazing took place after Thursday night De La Salle football team dinners and that some players were in fear after those dinners.

Warren police interviewed 59 players and four coaches. According to Dwyer, there were 12 families that would not allow police to interview them and some were represented by attorneys. He said that slowed the investigation.

Last Thursday, the day before the start of high school football playoffs, De La Salle announced the season was over and they would forfeit the first week of the playoffs against Birmingham Groves.

The notice came after an investigation by the school administration found the varsity football team had been hazing players. The 5-4 pilots is an all-boys Catholic high school and were scheduled to play Birmingham Groves high school in a pre-district game this Friday.

The investigation also said the hazing "has deeper roots and is more pervasive than originally thought."