Madonna fans endure freezing temperatures for Detroit concert

With Madonna playing Little Caesars Arena Monday night, many fans took on the dangerously cold temperatures to see the Material Girl singer.

"(The cold is) terrible. It’s absolutely terrible," one fan said. "(But) anything for Madonna."

Another fan, Ruben Alvardo, traveled from Houston to see the Queen of Pop in Detroit.

"I walked 18 minutes from my hotel to here, $72 for an Uber ride – that was ridiculous. Now they won’t let us in," Alvardo said. "My tears are freezing up, it’s cold, but ready to see the show!"

Concert-goers braved a lengthy wait in the cold to enter the venue.

However, health experts warn that remaining outdoors for extended periods of time during freezing weather increases your likelihood of contracting frostbite or hypothermia.

"Priority one is if you can minimize your time outside, that is your best option," said Jason N Vieder, Vice Chairman Of Emergency Medicine at Henry Ford Medical Group. "Obviously, there’s some folks that work outside, or you need to be outside and that's unavoidable, so then the way you dress is really important, and layering is critical."

"The inner layer – the layer closest to our skin - you wanna wear something that can move moisture away from our skin," Vieder continued. "Moisture accelerates the damage that cold can do so stay dry."

Warming centers are available for those in need. For a list of warming centers in Detroit, click here.

In Royal Oak, the Salter Community Center is run by Brett Tillander. The shelter also features card games and knitting.

"This morning we had seniors who were coming who've been without power, without heat for several days now," Tillander said. "One gentleman returned home hearing his power was back on and his house was at 34 degrees."

When the Salter Community Center is operating as a warming center, it is available from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. 

"I’m sure we’ll be open throughout the week because I think the temperatures are actually getting a little worse," Tillander said.


Detroit warming centers open during extreme cold

Detroit warming and respite centers are open this week during the extreme cold.