Makeover for Royal Oak? Proposal includes new city center, park and retail space

Royal Oak could soon make way for a new city hall - and a lot more.

The $100 million proposal includes a new seven-story city center, as well as a park, retail and office space. The proposed project also includes a parking deck, a playground and an amphitheater.

"It's about time. They should've knocked down the city hall a long time ago," says Royal Oak resident Tom Hrynik. "I'm just hoping it doesn't raise my taxes; that's my biggest concern. Taxes are already pretty high as it is."

It would be located near Eleven Mile Road and Main Street.

Construction would begin this fall and is slated to be finished in early 2018. A mix of bonds, loans and tax and tax abatements would pay for it all.

A public hearing is set for Monday, April 18.