Man accused of shooting at teen outside Oakland County youth facility

A man is facing charges after authorities allege that he shot at a teen outside an Oakland County facility for at-risk youth.

According to a court filing, Dartez Tremayne Downs drove the victim's mother, infant child, and the child's mother to Crossroads for Youth in Oxford Township on Sept. 26.

When the 17-year-old victim learned that Downs was at the facility, he allegedly went to confront Downs. According to the court filing, Downs had recently assaulted the victim's mother, and a personal protection order had been filed against him on Aug. 1 due to a previous domestic violence incident. 

Downs and the victim began fighting and exchanged punches before staff broke them up. The victim went back inside while Downs went to the driver’s side of a green  Dodge Challenger.

The victim came back outside again and walked toward the Challenger. According to the court filing, the victim heard his mother yell, "Stop! That's my baby!" so he began walking toward the facility.

Downs, who was in the driver's seat, allegedly fired at least one shot at the victim before fleeing. 

Oakland County Sheriff's deputies stopped the car shortly after the shooting. According to the court filing, Downs was in the passenger seat, and the victim's mother was in the driver's seat. When she was asked for her license, she gave the deputy a purse and said, "It's in the purse."

Inside the purse, the deputy found a 9mm handgun registered to the mother. While searching the car, the deputy found a spent 9mm casing on the floor behind the passenger seat, authorities said.

Downs is a felon who cannot possess weapons. Also, the weapon used was purchased in another state, so he is charged federally with felon in possession of a firearm and discharging a firearm in a school zone.