Man arrested for allegedly pulling gun on children at Dearborn pool

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Photos by Hannah Saunders

It was all fun and games at a Dearborn pool until a neighbor allegedly pulled a gun.

A group of kids playing in a community pool say they knew their game was getting on a man's nerves, but they never thought it would go this far.

"It only takes a second for that gun to go off and you're waiving it at these kids," said Sabrina Gardner whose son was among those threatened. "That could have been a life gone over a ball in the pool. Ridiculous. Get it together America."

It was a crowded, hot afternoon at the Springwells Apartments pool when these nine boys, started playing a game.

"I guess he just didn't want us in the pool with his child in there," said Eric Burns, 15 years old.

The boys, ages 10-16, say they were getting on the nerves of a man, who was watching over a young girl. They say he first threatened to call police, then he took the ball.

"It got mad and was like, give me my ball back," said one boy Eric. "He gave it to maintenance then just pointed a gun at me."

The boys scattered, calling for their parents.

"The second I saw him pull the gun at Eric, Donald and I  ran to the fence and waited until the cops came," said Mohsen Harb, 13.

They say the man pulled the handgun from his pocket, pointing the barrel directly at them.

"I wasn't scared, I had no emotions, I just wanted my ball back," said Eric.

Dearborn police say they have one person in custody and they are still investigating the incident.

"I am going to press (charges) to the fullest extent of the law," said Gardner.

The boys' parents, are furious.

"I don't know what that man's going to do to him," Gardner said. "As you can see his house is less than 100 feet from mine. So now I have to be worried about my son going outside to play?"

Police are not saying yet what charges this man will face.