Man charged with kidnapping after Detroit AMBER Alert

Authorities have charged a man after a child's disappearance in Detroit Thursday morning prompted an AMBER Alert.

The child, 3-year-old Marvie Gardner, disappeared from his home on the city's west side overnight. When his mother woke up, he was gone and so was the friend she had invited to stay the night.

The boy was eventually found unharmed in an abandoned house later that afternoon. Police tracked down the suspect, 19-year-old Michael Grayson, shortly after in a DDOT bus and took him into custody.

Grayson has been charged with one count of kidnapping and one count of unlawful driving away an automobile.

Police say the boy's mother, Latoya Spears, had invited some friends over, which included Grayson and his girlfriend. Police say Grayson and his girlfriend got into a fight and that the girlfriend left with their child, upsetting Grayson.

Spears said Grayson could stay the night to calm down, and when she woke up her boy and Grayson were gone.