Man found shot to death by side of road in St. Clair County

Something woke up Dave Warf and his wife at 4 a.m. Sunday at their home on Keewahdin Road in St. Clair County. 

"We saw the car and my wife thought she heard a gunshot," Dave Warf said.

They assumed though that what they heard was a car hitting a guardrail outside their home. 

"Then he took off and we thought no big deal and went back to bed," he said.

In the morning they found blood by the road and the body of 27-year-old Kevin Anderson. They then called police, knowing something sinister just happened there. 

"Especially to drag the kid and throw him in a ditch."

The St. Clair County Sheriff Department determined Anderson was shot and left for dead - leaving so many questions. 

"I have no idea, I'm totally clueless who would hurt my son," said Renee Anderson.

She says the night Kevin was killed he was supposed to meet his twin brother, Adam. He didn't and Kevin tried to call his brother around 1:15 a.m. 

It wasn't until the morning that the family learned the awful truth. 

"The next day I take groceries to his apartment, he wasn't there," Renee said. "And I come home and the detective and a good friend of mine, the sheriff, tell me someone killed my son."

"Something like this is horrific. You got to get yourself together. You got to come up and face it," Wharf said. "You have to tell family what happened."

After the crime scene cleared the homeowner who made the terrible discovery felt compelled to do something to honor the victim. He made this memorial right where the body was found.

The family and investigators are hoping someone in the small town of fort Gratiot will come forward with information.