Man in Halloween mask foiled in attempted robbery of Insomnia Cookies

A man who tried to rob an Ann Arbor cookie shop while wearing a Halloween mask walks out empty handed, but police say this is the latest crime and are worried it will become a trend.

Just 15 minutes before closing early Friday morning, a man walked into Insomina Cookies on South University Avenue in the heart of UofM's campus. The employees said the man was wearing an 'old man' Halloween mask and initially thought it was a joke. Their mindset changed when he pulled out his gun and threatened to shoot them.

Video shows the man in the mask as he demanded the cash. But when the employees took too long, he got impatient.

"He pushed the cash register onto the floor and that's when we knew he was serious and he showed us his gun," one employee said.

The guy finally gives up on committing this crime, and runs out the cookie shop - with out the dough.

Since he had his face covered, employees couldn't see who he is but they did say he has a really low and rough voice.

Ann Arbor Police Lt. Matthew Lige said criminals wearing a Halloween mask is a trend that has gotten out of hand.

"Nobody got hurt. No shots were fired. But this is now the third similar style robbery we've had here in the city since October 4, and I'm hoping this trend doesn't continue," Lige said.

This attempted robbery has employees on edge.

"That's very concerning. Because I work night shift until 3:30 or 4 in the morning," Mike Wright said.

The man was last seen wearing khaki pants and a dark colored hoodie, roughly 5'6" in height. Anyone with information should give police a call right away.