Man injured after booby trapped yard sets off explosions

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Detroit Police and bomb squad were on the scene for hours on Florida Street near the Edsel Ford Service Drive, where at least six potentially explosive devices were found. 

Police say a man was walking through a field with his cousin on Florida street between 5 and 6 a.m. Sunday when he tripped over something, causing it to explode.

After speaking with the victim at Henry Ford Hospital, police say the man heard four loud explosions and felt pain in his foot and leg. 

The victim has multiple wounds on his legs, none of which are life-threatening. Fox 2 is told the victim was Sunday been released from the hospital and is going to be ok. 

According to police, the suspect's home was actually set up "booby trap" style according to the owner to deter thieves from stealing from his grow house which was inside of the residence.

The owner of the home will be charged accordingly according to authorities. Police say the suspect even had a map showing the layout of his explosive mine field. 

Carmelo Gonzales lives next door and says that he has heard explosion before, but thought they were just fireworks. 

Police said that they retrieved at least six explosive devices from the home. 

Police continued late into Sunday evening taking measures to sweep the area for additional suspicious devices and there is no danger to residents in the area.