Man once homeless with his dog now has a job, apartment

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Julian Terrance was sleeping outside with his dog has found a job and is getting an apartment.

Julian was braving the temps with Max the dog, so the two could stay together, but now because of a little help, they'll be back together again very soon.

The Jan. 5th reunion between Julian and Max the dog was the first time we met the pair. But 24 hours before that coming together, they were homeless.

Julian didn't have a place to stay when he found max about 6 months ago as a puppy. Julian had been through the unimaginable, his son had died and he had lost his job. He was not going to leave the helpless little dog in the cold.

"If anything, let's struggle together, maybe I can help you and you can help me," he said, describing his thoughts after finding Max.

They braved the mean streets together even with a brutal battering by frigid temperatures. Julian's buddy was worth it.

"All he need to do is show my love to him and he can show it to me," Julian said. "That's it. That's why I keep Max. I love him."

When a family member offered to let Julian stay with him, he couldn't just leave Max out there, so they stayed together and were spotted walking together.
"It just seemed a little off and he didn't have a leash or a collar so we thought we'd swing back around." said Shawn Waeghe of 313 K9 and Kitty Rescue.

Enter 313 K9 and Kitty rescue. When they got to Julian and Max, they discovered the real deal. They fostered Max to keep both out of the cold.

"It's more than that," he said. "I've got a castle, I've got a recliner, I've got a throne and number one, I’ve got my buddy, my noble hound. He's there."

The response since then has been tremendous. 313 K9 and Kitty Rescue raised enough to put two months’ rent on a one-bedroom apartment where dogs can stay, utilities and pet insurance through April. 

Plus, Julian just got offered a job.

"I'm sure there will be some happy tears," Waeghe said. "It will be pretty awesome."

Come February 1, Julian and Max, best buds, will be together again.

Enough money was raised to outfit the apartment with furniture, everything from a bed to a can opener.

For more information on 313 K9 and Kitty Rescue CLICK here for their Facebook page.