Man pulls gun on clerk after he's told to stop smoking at gas station

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A big scare for an employee at a Detroit gas station who told a rowdy customer to take a hike.

That customer responded by pulling out a gun Sunday at the Mobil gas station in the 15000 block of West Seven Mile in Detroit.

It all started when the gas station worker who does not want to be identified, told several men to stop smoking near a propane tank outside the gas station.

"I told them to stop because propane is very dangerous over there," said the worker.

What happened next was captured on surveillance cameras when one of the men walks inside the station and then points a gun at the worker who was behind the counter shielded by safety glass.

FOX2: "When he pointed the gun at you what did he say?"

"He said I wish you were outside I would shoot you, I would blow up your head," the clerk said.

The worker says the man never fired any shots and did not take any merchandise.

But he and the other men got away. The gas station worker says he's seen the suspects before, including the one who had the gun.

After this incident the employee says more security measures are likely coming to the station.

Police want anyone with information about this incident to contact them at (313) 586-5200.