Man runs down carjacker in his Dearborn Heights driveway, escapes in hail of gunfire

A carjack attempt in Dearborn Heights led to one suspect getting rundown as the would-be victim fled while a second suspect fired off a hail of bullets early Sunday morning.

One suspect is in custody, hospitalized in critical condition while police are searching for the second man, who fired four shots as the intended carjack victim fled for his life in a neighborhood near Beech Daly and McDonald Street.

The crime was caught on camera and posted on social media by the social media account TCD Dearborn. It shows a pick-up truck pulling into a driveway around 5:30 a.m. Sunday. Seconds later a person approached the parked truck.  

That is when video shows the reverse lights go on, as the driver squealed out of driveway clearly fearing for their life.

Across the street, neighbor Lashawnda Miles had luckily already left for work.

"I left 10 minutes early," she said. "The next thing I know, the detectives are telling me, had I stayed an extra 10 minutes, my car would have been hit. I probably would have been hit in it, because I’m getting in it at that time."

Tire tracks through her front lawn show the path the truck took.

"When I saw the tires marks on the grass, I thought someone was just driving fast and just ran up on it," she said.

Police say as the truck was making its escape, a robbery suspect was being dragged away as well.

Screen still from video courtesy of TCD Dearborn.

Screen still from video courtesy of TCD Dearborn.

"Whoever got hurt trying to do what they were trying to do, that’s scary," Miles added. "And i’m glad no one else got hurt."

On the outside security video posted to TCD Dearborn, a second suspect was seen firing four shots as the truck pulled out of view.

In the light of day there was an apparent bullet hole in the window across the street from the second suspect who opened fire. Thankfully police confirm no one was hit by that shot.

Video shows the shooter runs the opposite direction afterward, leaving behind the second suspect who was taken to the hospital.

Dearborn Heights police say at last check, the suspect is in critical condition and the second person is still on the run. Anyone with information is asked to call police at  (313) 277-6770.

Screen still from video courtesy of TCD Dearborn.

Screen still from video courtesy of TCD Dearborn.