Man says his family's dog was stolen on camera

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A dog-napping caught on camera in Detroit and the owner is devastated

He's a precious part of Lamont Sherman's life - so much that the Detroiter lovingly calls his 1-year-old pup  his son and bringing him everywhere he goes.

"Every store, everywhere," said Sherman, 39. "Even on my slow rolls when I do the Slow Roll, he has a little basket that he sits inside of my bike and chills."

Sherman says on Memorial Day he stopped at a laundromat on Schoolcraft and Greenfield bringing his Maltese poodle mix named King with him.

"I didn't want to disrespect the business so I kept my dog with me but I kept him in the truck," he said. "I went back and forth to check on my clothes and what not."

Sherman says King is so small he didn't think he could escape the truck, even with the windows left half-way down.

Sherman says he had only been inside the laundromat for about five minutes when he came out to check on King.

But King was nowhere to be found. Sherman and his kids searched the area and asked a group of kids if they had seen the little dog.

"The other kids said to my kids that some lady picked up your dog and pulled off," he said.

Hurt and shocked, Sherman took a look at surveillance video and saw it happen.

"He evidently jumped out of my truck," Sherman said. "As he was walking around the front door of the laundromat looking for me, this lady pulls up in a van, calls my dog to come closer to her so she can grab him."

The woman reached  for King a second time, then picked him up and on video runs to the van and drives away.

"She did not say hey is this anybody's dog or nothing," Sherman said. "She just took my dog and pulled off."

After he made a report with the Detroit police, Sherman says he's been calling, searching and looking on social media even looking on sites like Craigslist.

"She immediately grabbed him and ran, (those are) cruel intentions to me," Sherman said.

Sherman worries every day where his little King is and hopes someone recognizes this woman to help bring his furry friend home.

"All my kids miss the dog," he said. "He's part of the family."